Thorough and accurate job descriptions may be the most important business tools you use

The job description – a business tool most important and most despised. This critical tool translates the general concepts of an organizational structure into specific responsibilities and duties. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten why the job description exists. It is the key to an organization’s effective functioning, because it gives a thorough understanding of the duties and responsibilities of each job.  Employees must know what is expected of them in order to function effectively.  Management must know what to expect of its employees, not just to manage performance, but to optimize processes based on realistic workloads.

Either in a blank-paper situation or an existing environment, Merces helps organizations design and document the duties and responsibilities of “jobs.”  We use research, process reviews, questionnaires, and individual or focus group meetings, developing buy-in and reducing pushback by involving employees in the process.  We will help you identify the least intrusive and most cost-effective way to produce high quality job documentation. Our focus is less on task lists and process statements and more on the crafting of business tools that allow full appreciation of the breadth of work relationships and expectations.

A properly written job description is the best possible performance appraisal document. In concert with an effective pay administration program, it ensures that all employees are paid fairly for their contributions to the organization.