Working with Merces

Here’s what it’s like when you work with the best

While on some occasions we have had only a single “project” with a client, most of our client relationships have been of long duration and involved a number of assignments over the years. This results in a more casual atmosphere surrounding the relationship, which we believe is essential to getting the work done the right way, and avoiding pushback from those who might see our work as that of “outsiders.”

Our relationship begins with our initial contact with your organization. Unless actual services are being provided, we do not charge for initial consultations (unless travel expenses or other charges are agreed upon in advance). Before providing a formal proposal, we present drafts to ensure that the scope of the assignment is understood, as well as the costs that will be involved.

Merces’ fees are typically “value-driven;” that is, we determine the value of the project by the outcome and deliverables, rather than the person providing the services or the time necessary to complete the task. Time and effort do, of course, enter into the formula, as well as the level of expertise needed to get the work done effectively and efficiently. The point is, you shouldn’t pay a different price for the same service just because someone else does the work, nor should the cost vary because Merces underestimated the effort needed. Of course, some of our work is not really project oriented, and fees then will be computed on an hourly basis rate.

A Merces proposal presents our understanding of your needs, an approach we believe is optimal to reaching your objectives, the costs involved with our assistance and realistic timing for completing the project. At Merces we also understand something else fundamental – the plan typically lasts until about a minute after the project starts – and the key is getting the project done in the best way possible, using all the resources that can be brought to bear. If the relationship between Merces and the client is sound, changes in plans will simply be… changes in plans.

Who You’ll Work With

Each Merces client has an “Account Manager.” The Account Manager is the senior Merces staff member who ensures that the client is satisfied with all aspects of doing business with Merces. The Account Manager will generally also be a specialist in the technical area that involves most of the services performed for the client.

A “Project Manager” is a consultant familiar both with the client and with the technical area of a project, and is responsible for managing all aspects of a project from its inception until its completion. Often, but not always, the Project Manager will also be the Account Manager.

A “Consultant” is a staff member with particular expertise in a technical area, who is responsible for providing professional services to a client. On small projects, it is likely that the Consultant will also be the Project Manager, and may be the Account Manager as well.

A “Specialist” is a Merces staff member who provides technical or specialized services to a client assignment. Specialists always work under the direction of a senior staff member, but will often act as a contact for a client, as they are often more likely to be available.

Client Service Guarantee

Merces is committed to its clients and to the accuracy of its methods. We stand by our techniques, developed over more than twenty years of providing professional services. If we have made a mistake in any aspect of your project, we will take all necessary steps to correct it free of charge.

We Value Your Feedback

Merces values the input of its clients, current and potential. Through the course of a project, we encourage you to provide feedback on our services, methods, and employees, either through personal contact with the Merces employee helping you, through email, or by phone. Even if you are not a current client, we are still interested in hearing from you about our services.


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