President’s Message


I have always believed that to truly succeed, an organization needs to stand for something more than just making money. From the beginning, Merces has been about more than just being a consulting firm. When we started in 1991 as Management Resource Center, Inc. (MRC), the firm was very technically-focused, and our primary objective was to bring to smaller organizations the same high quality and sophisticated compensation programs that we had delivered to large organizations at our large international consulting firm employer, but at much more reasonable prices.

In the early 1990s, we saw a disturbing trend toward fads and gimmick approaches to compensation management – techniques many consulting firms were using to re-brand older methods, or to promote change simply for the sake of change (and the ability to charge more fees). Books on compensation were written by management professors and “experts” who had never managed anyone. Buzzwords developed to the point that the average sentence coming out of a consultant’s mouth was certainly multi-syllabic, but generally devoid of any meaning. What also became apparent is that many people saw these fads and gimmicks as actually being systems, without realizing that even if they had value, they were only add-ons to what were supposed to be strong underlying programs. In response, we added to our mission the objective to ensure that organizations understood that nothing works without a strong foundation. We decided to stick to a core of fundamental programs and offer approaches that actually work.

Midway through the last decade we realized that our clients needed more than just technical assistance. We started expanding the services we offered, to include assistance not just with the development of programs, but their implementation. By doing this, we learned how to refine our approaches to make programs easier to administer, and to add value in other areas beyond just determining how much someone should be paid. The more we worked at a deeper level with our clients, the more we developed the capacity to look at how people work and how organizations evolve, and learned how to use our experience to help organizations operate more effectively. We developed techniques for communicating and assessing performance, and focusing attention on the fundamentals.

Take a look at our core values – you will see that we start each one with “we believe.” We don’t believe anything until we see it, and know it to be true, and we work according to those beliefs. By sticking to those principles we make sure we are not led astray by the latest best-selling business book. If something really works, we will know about it, and use it. From our values, we established a phrase that captures everything we do…. “right roles, right people, right pay.” It is an exciting time at Merces. As we enter our third decade, the firm is expanding both geographically and in our capacity to serve our clients. We work from the east coast to the west coast, and across the oceans, with organizations from most industries, and we’ve developed national reputations in two of our key industry segments – trade and professional membership associations, and non-profit community health centers (FQHCs). We have opened a new office in Gainesville Florida to serve our clients in the Southeast, and we continue to look for organizations to partner with, and for staff that can bring new expertise to the services we offer. I welcome the chance to talk to you and explain our approach, and see how we might be able to help you.


Edmund B. Ura

Edmund B. Ura, JD

President Merces Consulting