Mission & Values

Our Vision

We are a catalyst for all organizations seeking to improve their strength and sustainability through effective organization design, human resources management and compensation programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every organization become stronger and more sustainable through effective organization design, human resource management, and compensation programs, all aligned to their missions and valuing the contributions of their employees.

Our Employees

Our employees trust and rely on us, and we trust and rely on each other to always use our best efforts and judgment, and to take the initiative to meet their needs. We strive for balance in achieving our mission, ensuring our clients’ needs are met, but not at the expense of our quality of life.


We believe that organizations are best able to achieve their missions and react to their changing environments when they are as strong and stable as they can be. 
Strength and stability allow for growth and development, not just of the organizations, but of the employees who are part of them and the communities that surround them.

We believe that both strength and stability derive primarily from solid foundations and practices that reflect rational and intellectual thought and decision making processes. 
Without foundations, organizations, like physical structures, will fail.

We believe organizations are strong when they are designed first and foremost to advance their mission, with roles that are logical and consistent with the skills and abilities needed to perform them, and with the people best suited to fill those roles. 
Such an approach allows for development and succession planning within the organization, and promotes both stability and growth.

We believe that in strong and stable organizations, the relationship between employees and the organization is based on fairness; employee efforts and contributions are aligned with the mission and properly rewarded. 
Fair and proper recognition of employee contribution is neither a right nor an obligation, but a necessity for success.

We believe that compensation programs should be consistent with and supportive of organizational efforts and not attempt to be drivers of them. 
Base compensation programs should promote strength and stability. Incentives may only provide temporary motivation while encouragement of the expression of individual and collective initiative produces long-term results.

We believe that no program can be successful without effective communications efforts. Employees must understand not just what is expected of them and how they are rewarded, but what the ultimate objectives are, and how they fit into the total solution.

We believe that all ideas were once new ideas, but that our clients are not laboratories for experimentation. 
The implementation of gimmicks or trendy programs or processes on weak foundations is a waste of efforts and resources.

We believe that all organizations should have access to high quality consulting and advisory services toward the building of their organization design, compensation, communications and supporting program foundations at reasonable and affordable rates.
Others can scrap over the Fortune 500, we believe in helping the other 99.9% of organizations.

We believe that strong and stable organizations benefit all of their constituencies:

  • Customers benefit from higher quality and better service
  • Employees benefit from greater opportunity and growth
  • Owners benefit from larger and more consistent returns
  • Communities benefit from having stronger and more stable corporate and individual citizens

We believe in making the world a better place… one organization at a time.

While not a member, Merces subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Management Consulting Firms.